The Online Marketing Trifecta: How Blogging, Social Media, and Email Can Work Together to Grow Your Business

Marketing Trifecta

The Online Marketing Trifecta: How Blogging, Social Media, and Email Can Work Together to Grow Your Business

You may be wondering how you can use online marketing to drive new customers to your business. While each channel has powerful abilities on its own, using blogging, social media, and email together can create a well-oiled machine that continuously brings your audience to you.

But how does it work? Here’s a closer look into a multi-channel digital marketing strategy.

Blogging and SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

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Blogging can help you accomplish many goals in one go such as building authority in your industry, climbing the Google ranks, and gaining more customers—just to name a few.

The first step is performing research to find out what keywords your audience is searching for on their path to purchasing what you offer. Google Keyword Planner can come in handy here and you can also think about questions your clients frequently ask you.

For example, if you provide yoga instruction, your potential yogis may be searching, “What is the best yoga class for beginners?” or “Can you lose weight doing yoga?” As you find the phrases being searched, you can plan your blog content to answer those questions. In time, they will find you when researching about starting yoga.

If you need help planning and/or creating blogs, you can hire an SEO expert offering blog writing services. The result? Your site will show up in Google search results, guiding leads toward you!

Social Media Management

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Social is a place where your brand can really shine, showing off your creative and fun side and establishing your voice. You can differentiate yourself from other brands with eye-catching imagery, thoughtful captions, blog shares, and behind-the-scenes peeks.

But, interacting on social as a business is a craft. People use social media for entertainment, information, and to connect with friends and family, not necessarily to be sold. You’ll want to create a consistent on-brand presence on the platforms which is engaging, informative, and interesting, while keeping the marketing messages subtle.

Not sure how to do that? Social media management services can create this content for you!

Insider tip: We use blogs as a key part of social campaigns, as they are helpful pieces of content designed to answer your customer’s common questions. You can not only share your blogs on social, sending more people to your website, but you can also pull key points from the blogs to make helpful social posts.

Monthly Email Newsletters

Email Marketing

On social media, your business is speaking to many, while with email, you are one-to-one. That gives you the opportunity to connect on a more personal level. Plus, you can track the recipient’s interaction with your messaging.

A great way to connect using email is by sending out monthly email newsletters. For example, if you are a real estate developer, you may send out a monthly email that updates potential or existing buyers on your project’s progress, shares fun information about the community, and links to your latest blogs.

This invites them to engage with your brand again and again and keeps you fresh in their minds.

Tying It All Together to Make an Impact

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Using all three of these methods together will maximize your results as they all help to reinforce each other.

As a business owner or manager, like the real estate developer or yoga teacher mentioned above, your potential clients are going to start seeing you all over the place — when they log into Facebook or Instagram, when they check their email, and when they search for keywords related to your brand on search engines.

These impressions are key to your growth as it takes five to seven impressions before people will remember your brand, and a message needs to be seen seven times before they will consider taking action.

A strategic, multi-channel digital marketing strategy like this is how we put brands in front of their ideal customers and convert them into actual customers.

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