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Peak Integrated Marketing Began with a Question

Peak Integrated Marketing began with a question: What if there were a cohesive, better, and more successful way to manage real estate branding, marketing, and competitive positioning?

Before that question, there was the questioner: Kelly Brannon. After a decade in the ultra-exclusive superyacht industry – collaborating with the world’s most discerning clientele, handling multi-million dollar budgets, and learning the ropes of high-echelon branding and marketing – Kelly swapped the sea for dry land to pursue her passion: brand positioning, marketing, and business management for the real estate industry.

Today, Peak is a thriving Real Estate Marketing company that works with leading brokerages, agents, developers, property managers and luxury vacation rental home owners. 

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Kelly Brannon, Founder of Peak Integrated Marketing

brand strategist Kelly Brannon

Kelly Brannon, Founder of Peak Integrated Marketing

Kelly founded Peak Integrated Marketing to do something different: not to work in parallel, but to partner closely with the real estate industry on the nuts and bolts, the big and the small, the now and the next year, to transform your brand, your business processes, and your competitive advantage.

It begins with our team of experts – true forward-thinkers who evolve with the curve, not behind it – but our services are ultimately rooted in you: We integrate as an extension of your team, to craft bespoke solutions from standard buzzwords. Because “branding,” “marketing,” “positioning,” and “management” are not one-size-fits-all concepts; your business deserves tailored solutions to your unique needs and our Real Estate Marketing company can step up to the plate.

The Bottom Line:

Real estate is a demanding industry and your time is a finite resource. We’re here to optimize the former and minimize demands on the latter. At Peak Integrated Marketing, our job is to make yours a lot easier – to leverage cutting-edge marketing and meticulous business management to usher your brand to peak success.

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