What’s the Difference Between a Personal and Business Brand?

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What’s the Difference Between a Personal and Business Brand?

When starting out on your branding journey, you may be a bit confused about the difference between a personal brand and a business brand and which will be a better fit to achieve your business goals. While there is some overlap between the two, there are notable differences you should know to make the right decision.

Learn about personal brands, business brands, and how to choose!

What's the difference between a personal and business brand?

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Both personal and business brands define the values, purpose, story, social service, style, and offerings of an entity. The primary difference between the two is that a personal brand is built around an individual (think GaryVee, Oprah, and Tony Robbins) while a business brand is built around a company (think Apple, BMW, and Whole Foods).

Should you have a personal or business brand?

Both types of brands have their advantages and ideal use cases. Here’s a closer look at each type and its pros and cons.

Personal Branding

Everyone has a personal brand whether they know it or not. People see things about you and draw their own conclusions. Personal branding is a process that purposefully defines your name in the world and creates a unified presentation of you– putting you in control of your public image. This is important if you want to generate business for yourself in your name.

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Personal branding in lieu of business branding is most recommended for individuals who personally provide services– like artists, speakers, and coaches– and those who want to be the primary spokesperson for their products.

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A personal brand can also work in collaboration with business branding as a person with a strong personal brand can advocate for their business brand, helping to drive it forward.



Business Branding

A business brand transforms a company from just another provider of products or services to an organization with life and purpose.

Business branding is recommended for any provider of products and/or services not based on a single person. Additionally, it’s preferred for those who want to scale their business and potentially sell it one day.



Which brand type is right for you?

The right type of brand for you depends on your mission and your goals. A personal brand will be best if you are the primary provider of a service and want to be the face of your business. You can rely on your personal brand to stick with you throughout your career despite any pivots you want to make. On the other hand, a business brand is best to create a new entity not tied to any one person which can be more easily scaled and sold down the road.

In some cases, it’s most beneficial to build both types of brands. You can establish your business brand while simultaneously building your personal brand as an authority in your industry. Think Apple and Steve Jobs. With this approach, if you separate from the business, you still have your personal brand and the business brand can still survive and thrive without you.

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