Yanina Rodriguez


Yanina Rodriguez



Project Brief

Trilingual Costa Rican real estate expertise.
| Español. Français. English.

Yanina Rodríguez is a trilingual, native Guanacastecan and one of the region’s only French-speaking real estate agents.

Peak developed Yanina’s Brand Strategy, Brand Vision and Brand Identity while ensuring that her brand visuals represented her style but that the color palette and other graphic elements were consistent with her brokerage’s, Blue Water Properties, branding. Our personal branding strategy for Yanina quickly identifies her unique skill set within the Costa Rican real estate market and positions her in a professional, polished manner that quickly develops trust with potential clients and business partners. 

Investing in personal branding for a real estate agent is a great way to boost their own reputation and success, but it can also benefit the brokerage’s overall brand. Real Estate Agents who have a strong personal brand are more likely to attract more clients, as they can showcase their unique services and expertise. A strong personal brand also reflects positively on the brokerage, as it demonstrates the value of their services and the quality of their agents. Additionally, a strong personal brand can help to bring attention to the brokerage, as it can help to increase visibility in the market and attract more potential clients.

Scope of Work

real estate agent brand logos
real estate personal brand logo

Client Deliverables

The personal brand of Yanina Rodrigues positions her as a friendly, local expert in the Real Estate market with a unique skillset of being trilingual. We interwove her values of client commitment, honesty, ethics, passion for her career and desire to build lasting relationships into each deliverable to ensure a seamless look, message and position her for a successful on-going marketing strategy.




My experience with the Peak team has been very satisfactory, a valuable experience and with personalized attention. I loved the fact that the whole team was committed, not only to work for me, my objectives, but also to help me all the way in this unknown process for me.