Tamarindo Park Foundation


Tamarindo Park Foundation



Project Brief

Promoting Sustainable Development.

Tamarindo Park Foundation exists as a voice for conservation and a guide for sustainable development. The Foundation works with developers, environmentalists, authorities, and the community to ensure Tamarindo Park is consciously crafted with minimal impact to the surrounding environment. 

After engaging in intensive Business Consulting, Peak was tasked with developing a strong brand narrative including a Mission, Vision, Tagline and Elevator Pitch that not only showcases the unique biodiversity that the Foundation so passionately protects, but also attracts likeminded individuals to join in their efforts.

Scope of Work

real estate mock up

Client Deliverables

The Foundation’s branding immerses the viewer in Tamarindo herself. Think deep browns, turquoise blues, lush greens, and the warm tones of the sunset. The Foundation Website astounds visitors with stunning imagery of the area, while providing simple and informative copy for clarity surrounding the foundation’s purpose, mission, and vision. The website also encourages users to donate to the Foundation via an integrated payment management system. 

Client Deliverables included:




Branding Tagline: Promoting Sustainable Development