Tamarindo Park


Tamarindo Park



Project Brief

Connecting the Boundaries of Nature and Community.

Tamarindo Park, a leader in environmental-lifestyle trends, is a Real Estate Development creating a sanctuary that will coexist in harmony with the natural environment of Tamarindo’s Baulas Marine National Park. This multicultural community will be home to tropical modern architecture, purposefully and thoughtfully designed to protect the surrounding mangroves, animals, and ecosystems.

To bring this vision to life, Peak was sought out for our real estate development marketing expertise to thoughtfully crafted a strategic Brand Narrative. This included  Vision, Values, Mission, Purpose, Positioning, Brand Story, Buyer Personas, Brand Manifesto, Brand Personality, and Brand Architecture that clearly positions Tamarindo Park’s passion and that will emotionally connect with their target audience. 

Next, we focused on their Visual Identity, strengthened by stunning photo/videography and a clean, persuasive digital presence.

Scope of Work

real estate development marketing Tamarindo Park

Client Deliverables

Tamarindo Park values sustainability, innovation, and excellence. The brand’s bright color palette evokes feelings of peace and joy, while the custom photo preset promotes the sense of tranquility that is found within Tamarindo’s natural surroundings. From website to social media, the thoughtfully crafted copy is compassionate, kind, inspiring, confident, and professional at all times.

Our real estate development marketing deliverables included:




Tamarindo Park Street Signs

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