How to Brainstorm Your Brand With a Pinterest Brand Board

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How to Brainstorm Your Brand With a Pinterest Brand Board

As you enter the brand building process, we understand it can be challenging to put into words what you want your brand to look and feel like. At Peak we have a process to make it easy, and dare we say, fun! First, you’ll fill out our brand intake forms in which you will explain to some degree what you want. Next, we’ll guide you to create a shared Pinterest board where you can pin images to show us what you like and want (most clients absolutely love this part!).

The Pinterest brand board really helps us to get on the same page as words can mean different things to different people. For example, if I say I want my brand to look minimalistic and feminine, my interpretation may be very different from yours. By communicating through images, you can easily show us what your words and ideas mean to you.

What Should You Pin to Your Pinterest Brand Board?

All together, you’ll want to aim for 50 pins in total to give us enough information to understand your vision. Also, as you are going through and adding your pins, it is helpful if you add a quick comment to give us insight into why you chose them.

Here are some guidelines to help you when choosing what to pin.

1. Colors

Think about the type of business you have, what you offer, who your primary target audience is, and what colors will best represent your brand. Then browse pinterest to find pins that show us the color schemes you like. For example, if you are a nutrition coach, you may want to incorporate green, orange, and a neutral. If you are a luxury real estate company that focuses on properties in a natural setting, you may want to stick with all neutrals. Not sure? Learn more about what colors mean and color psychology in marketing.

2. Logos

Next, search for logos in your niche to find examples that you like. When you pin a logo, it doesn’t mean you want that exact one for your brand, but it works as a source of inspiration and guidance so the designer knows the type of style you like. This can help to speed up the process to finding the perfect logo! Picking three to five logo examples will give the designer a better idea of what you are aiming for.

3. Fonts

You can also browse Pinterest to find fonts you feel align with who your brand is. There are several font families and one or two will tend to better fit the look and feel you for which you are aiming. For example, Serif logo fonts have decorative touches at the ends of the letterforms which give them a classic, more polished feel. On the other hand, Sans-serif fonts lack the decorative touches which make them feel more modern. Most brands will combine no more than two or three fonts in their designs (logo, website, etc.) Often, one is assigned to headers and another for subheaders and body text. So browse Pinterest and pin a few examples of the fonts you like.

4. Website Designs

Additionally, help our designers to create a website that aligns closely to your needs by showing us a few examples of other websites that you like. These will function as a source of inspiration and a guide for creating your website—similar to the logo. To find them, search pinterest for websites in your niche (health, fitness instructor, luxury real estate, etc.)

5. Textures/Patterns

Textures and patterns can help us to communicate the look and feel of your brand. They give us more context into what you want. So feel free to pin a few pictures that further define your brand. For example, if you have a natural brand, you may want to incorporate wood or greenery. If you have a feminine perfume company, you may pin lace and flowers.

6. Graphic Elements

Lastly, add pins to your board that contain graphic elements that help to show who your brand is. It may be a steaming hot cup of coffee, a person hiking, or a woman twirling in a dress. To find them, browse Pinterest by searching for keywords related to your brand and then add graphics that you feel represent it well.

7. Show Us Your Brand and Have Fun!

Don’t feel too much pressure when deciding what to pin. Your Pinterest brand board doesn’t have to be perfectly curated. Instead, think of it as a brainstorming, discovery process to find a collection of things that speak to your business and ideal customer. The goal is for someone to be able to look at your brand board and get the vibe of your brand and business. Our brand designer will then take it from there using it as a guide to the design process.