SEO and PPC are the most strategically tactics to run in your website in order to get more qualified traffic. These are two different monsters.

In one hand SEO implements a variety of techniques in and off your website.
The objective here is to constantly prepare your web to be indexed on a regular basis for a search engine and that way increase your website’s exposure on SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).

With a website properly optimized you can reach spots at the 1st page for a given keyword. Being at the Top 10 for a traffic keyword will assure your website will be visited by people interested in services related to yours.

Among the techniques we need to base any strategy in 3 bases: website optimization, website content and link popularity.

The SEO is a process that can take up to 1 year to get the first spots for the given keywords and this, in many cases vary in different elements, including: digital market competition, the quality of the links and search volume.

Also is important to note that SEO is a process that is paid on a monthly basis to the webmaster you hire.

The goal with the SEO is to reach the Google’s 1st page in order to increase website’s qualified traffic, get more leads and more clients.




Full SEO Monthly service for a website will contain the following list of items:

  1. Analysis and keywords creation
  2. Top keywords optimization
  3. Full website pages optimization
  4. Metatags optimization
  5. Permalink Structure optimization.
  6. Home Page Google Pagespeed optimization
  7. Website content optimization
  8. Implementation and installation of XML & HTML sitemaps.
  9. Installation and setup of WordPress SEO plugin.
  10. Google Web Console connection and setup.
  11. Google Analytics implementation and setup.
  12. Google Business Setup
  13. Search engines submission
  14. Directory submission
  15. 1 Monthly Positioning report


Implementing PPC, will assure you qualified traffic to your website right now, this because your ads will appear at the first positions.



1. Information Gathering

Through extensive discussions with the client, we gather all the required information for the project to ensure that we understand clients needs and requirements.

2. Research

Based on provided requirements, we do further research on the subject to ensure a well-planned execution of the project.

3. Planning

After intense research and information gathering, we develop a plan and a strategy for project execution and discuss with the client one more time before going into production phase.

4. Production / Development

We develop the desired product with perfectly planned strategy and design, or carefully craft the required solution in this phase.

5. Feedback

During the production/development phase, we also attain constant feedback from the client to improve the product/design if needed, to ensure maximum client satisfaction.

6. Delivery

We check and confirm each point individually that we discussed with the client in the first phase that 100% of the required product/service has been provided.

We can help you establish a successful brand online!