Peak Events

Peak Events

Well-strategized events are a great way to help your business and brand increase visibility, build brand awareness, and emerge as a leader in your market. But where do you start with event marketing?

The team at Peak Integrated Marketing is well-seasoned in the branding and marketing realms and we use a unique event production approach to build authentic experiences for companies, brands, and influencers.

By partnering with the best designers, planners, and photographers in our local area, we can bring your vision to life with creative installations and true-to-brand activations for guests and potential customers.



Events can be used to bring more attention to any milestone a business or brand is coming across, or simply just to raise brand awareness. We’re happy to brainstorm how an event can be positioned to help your business.

  1. Brand launch events
  2. Brand awareness
  3. New product launches
  4. Book launches
  5. And much more!



What exactly can you expect when you hire Peak for your next event?

The first step in the event planning process is identifying your “vision” for the event. Your vision is the “big picture” of what impressions, memories, and directives you want to be emblazoned in your attendees’ minds.

Next, we will help you establish a budget based on what you want to spend and what you want to achieve.

With that in mind, we’ll combine our creative ideas and branding expertise to help you decide on an event theme that verbally and succinctly describes your vision and works toward achieving your goal.

The theme will be featured on every single program, brochure, sign, gift, napkin, centerpiece, presentation template, web registration site, clothing piece, event survey, etc. Keeping the same theme creates synergy and cohesion for a consistent marketing message.

From there, we’ll plan the event, hire vendors, and coordinate it from beginning to end.

  1. Identify your event goal
  2. Establish a budget
  3. Create your theme and design within your budget
  4. Plan the event
  5. Hire vendors
  6. Coordinate the event from beginning to end

Partner with Peak Events to Reach New Heights

When you partner with Peak Integrated Marketing, you can simply share your goals and directives with us and rest assured your event is in good hands. We will guide you every step of the way, listening to your needs and providing our input to assure the success of your beautiful brand event!

Inspired by the hard work and creativity that our lifestyle and wellness clients put into their businesses on a daily basis, we look forward to further amplifying your reach and message through highly impactful event marketing.

Want to chat with us about an upcoming event idea? Contact us today for a free consultation!


Think of your business like a jigsaw puzzle.



1. Information Gathering

Through extensive discussions with the client, we gather all the required information for the project to ensure that we understand clients needs and requirements.

2. Research

Based on provided requirements, we do further research on the subject to ensure a well-planned execution of the project.

3. Planning

After intense research and information gathering, we develop a plan and a strategy for project execution and discuss with the client one more time before going into production phase.

4. Production / Development

We develop the desired product with perfectly planned strategy and design, or carefully craft the required solution in this phase.

5. Feedback

During the production/development phase, we also attain constant feedback from the client to improve the product/design if needed, to ensure maximum client satisfaction.

6. Delivery

We check and confirm each point individually that we discussed with the client in the first phase that 100% of the required product/service has been provided.

We can help you establish a successful brand online!