Vida Pinilla


Vida Pinilla



Project Brief

Luxury Inspired By Nature.

In 2005, Joel Martino fell in love with Costa Rica. From exploring the immaculate beaches to immersing himself in the many layers of Costa Rican culture and lifestyle, it was clear that this was where he wanted to build his life. And build it he did with his Costa Rican wife, Michelle, and their two beautiful children.

Peak was tasked with building a brand around the lifestyle that Joel has cultivated and now shares with his clients. Vida Pinilla allows visitors to enjoy modern, luxury living within a natural paradise…and gives them a taste of what their life would be like should they decide to make this move permanently.

We developed a sophisticated Brand Narrative including Values, Mission, Purpose, Positioning, Brand Story, Buyer Personas, Brand Manifesto, Brand Personality, and Brand Architecture to connect and inspire those seeking the ideal tropical lifestyle.

Scope of Work

real estate development mockup

Client Deliverables

Vida Pinilla is a high-end travel and real estate brand that cultivates relationships with it’s target market based on their shared values and interests. People who crave exotic surroundings with modern comfort, and who value passion, authenticity, trust, and family. Every piece of the Vida Pinilla brand was strategically picked to embody and communicate these values.

Our deliverables included: