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Hi, I'm Kelly Brannon

Hi! I’m Kelly Brannon, a seasoned marketing expert who specializes in strategic branding. After a decade of working with Superyachts I’ve spent my career collaborating with the world’s most discerning clientele and handling multi-million dollar budgets. As a result, I’m experienced with putting pieces together to create impactful experiences.

I’ve found my true passion in connecting with entrepreneurs and helping them develop their businesses from the ground up. Being so, I help companies build strategic brands that attract their ideal audiences. 

My strengths are being an attentive listener, internalizing your unique needs, creating realistic strategies, and finding the best team members to bring your project to life. As a visionary with an entrepreneurial spirit, I’m here to help you reach your greatest potential. 

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Due to amazing demand, my coaching bundle will not have space for new clients for another month or so! If you don’t want to wait – jump into Peak’s Brand Development Start Up Consulting Package. Click here to message for more details!

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